New Beginning and Sunflowers

When I think about Sunflowers I think about my Mother, I think about life and I think about picking myself back up.

We decided Sunflowers would be our flower of choice this spring. Every year around spring my children and I plant flowers. This year, we chose every sunflower we could find. With very little to go off we were not aware of how much time, sun and water these beauties would need. Did you know sunflowers can take up to 6 weeks before you can see any signs of life from the seed? It’s always a joy to watch my children’s excitement for planting and this year it was even more joy because we were planting my mothers favorite flower.

The joy my children have for planting makes my heart smile and I hope to continue our tradition for many more years to come. I want to be the grandmother planting with her grandchildren.

Do you have a season tradition? If so, please share! I’d like to think of Sunflowers as signs of hope. My mother loved sunflowers, she would say they make life better. As I watch them grow on our patio… I am starting to see just what she meant.


It’s okay to not always be okay.

I’m pretty sure I am not the only Mom who feels like the hashtag MOMLIFE has consumed her… I find myself searching it a lot and even though I feel almost monotonous I still find something that amuses me in some way. I love the authenticity of the hashtag, the realness we put out for the world to see. I am sure many moms know the importance of making it okay to not have it all together but then there are those moms who are just posting with no realization that they have made the day of a fellow momster.

I don’t have a mom tribe and that’s okay. I don’t have a group of great women I meet up with and spill the bad and good of my busy life. However, I do have social media that allows me to keep up with not only friends and family but women all around the world who are just trying to make it. So what I am saying is, use it up ladies. Use social media to read blogs, view Instagram’s and view twitter accounts. Doing this has opened me up to so much. The stigma of having a perfect life for social media is dead… It’s okay not to always be okay. And if your kids are driving you bat sh*t crazy… That’s okay too.

I just want to say, “its okay”. We’re going to be okay. Maybe I’m talking to myself in this blog and I’m just using wordpress as a crutch. Who cares? I find it important to build each other up because we all have our battles. We all have a closet that we’d like to keep locked and that doesn’t make us a bad person… It makes us human.

The important thing is this, we wake up and we understand that it is a completely new day and we can make it exactly how we want it. We can choose to have a great day or a bad day it all depends on us. From the moment we wake up, that is the moment we need to decide. Yes, our kids will probably test our patience a time or two and work may throw a curve ball to try and send you down a long dark hallway full of F bombs. I find deep breaths and coffee usually do the trick to keep me grounded and sane. So find your outlet and use it up. But if you find yourself victim of the messy day then that’s okay too.

So I just wanted to say it’s okay not to always be okay… You’re still a great mom, your kids still think you’re amazing and you truly are blessed. Trust me…

“So don’t pressure yourself into believing that you have to have life figured out in five easy steps.  Follow the path you are given,  make a wrong turn every now again and watch for that falling tree.  When that tree falls, ask yourself why it fell.  Should you climb over it, go around it or just stop and admire it?”